Windows (1.4.4)

Nowake Tools

Nowake Tools package for Windows OS
1.4.4 version

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Nowake Tools – Windows OS version

1.4.4 (CURRENT)
– Separate limb and rigType in the leg module (limb=leg, rigType=bipedLeg for bipedLeg rig)
– Fixed fk2ik and ik2fk switch bug. Now it support rigType
– Hide helper bind joints
– Remove duplicated names in lockJoint parameter in the lockJoint module
– bug fix in bendbow module
– Hand can build without thumb
– Fixed the bugs of fk2ik and ik2fk in animTools for TApose function
– PropRig is ready to use in NowakeRig Tools
– mainLayer rig support non-consistent name relation between transform and shape