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Nowake Tools package for Windows OS
1.6.2 version (CURRENT)

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Nowake Tools – Windows OS version

1.6.2 version (CURRENT)
– LipsB module 1.0.0 has been released
– LidsB module 1.0.0 has been released
– safeAction function to compile cython to avoid Maya crash
– Modified finRig and finSolution added sine wave and smooth fin bend
– Hide autoClavicle joints to avoid being selected in the scene
– FinRay has sinewave option
– fixed finRig rt flip issues
– finRig module loads master/slave nurbsSurface skinCluster file.
– MayaClusterCmd can be used in body rig
– Add kneeIkAimDistanceRatio option in the leg module
– Add tags in clusterLayerdule
– Add “Ik Elbow Aim Distance Ratio” option on arm module
– legRig module: hide kneeTwistBase_l/r_pos joint from the outliner
– Make compatibility with Miscellaneous module and ClusterRig module
– A bug fix on LoadSkinWeightCmd: descriptor condition
– Add rotationOrder option for masterControls on bodyInit cmd
– Hide joints in finRig
– Create a dataGrp to store skinWeight data in finRig
– HeadSquetch load pivot file correctly.
– Unlock translate on finTipFk control in FinRig module
– Fixed a typo in lidsScaleRig
– Hide visible joints on legRig
– actionPath tools update(1.0.11): stable “attach” and “detach” function.
– eyeLash module has option to add the base joint for skinning
– Fixed a typo in eyeRig
– Add bindmesh size option in brows module and lips module
– Use offsetParentMatrix to body-Head combine to avoid the scaleConstriant maya bug
– Support rotation on faceRoot template joint to rig non straight facing character.
– Fin module supports “_m_” side
– Add createUvPinOnNurbs function on rivet module
– eyelash module: add labels on bind joints
– tailRig left/right module is able to be used in faceRig module
– ActionPath Bug Fix: attach a custom locator to an action path.
– lipsB module: support translateZ along with the normal dicrection on the skull nurbs surface.
– Support “Mirror Behavior on TranslateY” option on lipsB module
– BodySkin module can skin without head_m_bind
– added spinePlane option, setJointOrient 0 on skin bind joints and chestBank in spineRig
– You can add extra template on head templates for neckRig module
– Change name to make more sense in eyeRig module: iris->irisSize, pupil->pupilSize
– Support extra head joints (headTip, eyes, ears, jaw, etc,…)
– Fix bugs: Add the extra head joints in the lockBinds module
– Support tail module in faceRig for combine with the body rig
– FinRig module: cup behavior changed
– Add eyelashTitlUpDown in eyelash module
– Tail module has orient setting option(OrientAxis, UpAxis, WorldUpVector)
– Fixed a bug in tailRig module: double transformed when combined with body with FaceOnBodyGeo mode as a skinLayer
– Comment out unnecessary print lines in deformer module

1.6.1 version (click here to download)
– Fix the popup menu error on NowakeRigUI
– Added bendy template in the preset folder

1.6.0 (click here to download)
– Added finRig and bendyRig modules in NowakeRig
– Added skinLocalization module in NowakeRig
– Fix spineC chest and hip scaling issue
– finRig support rotate/translate mirror behavior in IK mode
– Cup and Fold orientation is stable in handRig module
– Bug fix on Muzzle: Wrong parenting on the distance locators
– bug fix on lidsRig module
– Added controlOnTheEnd option on the tail module
– Fixed the lids module bug
– muzzle controls with scaling.
– Tail has powerValue for control distributions
– Fix scaling issue on Tail module
– taiRig module: fix a bug with “asLimbs” options. Tail follows the upper limb(hip)
– Neck module: neckOffset scale connect to neckNull
– Neck module: headOffset scale connect to headNull
– Update actionPathTools: Controls are oriented along the curve
– Fixed the bug on muzzleRig module: twisting problem with upper layer skin
– Support alembic cache export with localize skinCluster
– lidsRig: change matrix for lids driver aimConstraint to be stable for lid rig with closed eye model
– Config- new menu and load project – fixed
– Add ikControl scaling function on spineC module
– Fk Scaling on tailRig module
– PreBind node name convention: description+”PreBind”+primaryVersion+secondaryVersion+side+”pivot”
– Add “bindmesh size” for muzzle and tail module
– Muzzle module is a skinLayer compatible module
– TailRig module has better fk bending deformation
– Fix “Counter” Iris control behavior
– Fix eyeRig for inverse scale on pupil
– TailRig module update: Proper deformation in layered skinClusters
– TailRig module improve: Smooth fk rotation
– Change parameter name on pupil module: iris Type -> eyeBall Type
– Support pivot rotation on the new pupil module
– Iris/Pupil rig module to support separated iris/pupil geos
– Fixed: Flipping issue with narrow circle in actionPath
– Fixed: Flipping issue with actionPathOffset controls
– Maximum control number is 1000 from 200 for actionPath
– Add BodySkinLocalization module for localize the skinWeight to avoid wobbling geometries in far distance from the origin
– Updated: eyeRig module to support spherical eyeball and flat iris/pupil
– Add pupil TransX and TransY controls
– Fixed: mirrorClusterTools to mirror weights between seperated geos
– Fixed animatablePivot (follow the control)
– Add “bend” and “tweakerVisibility” on tail module
– DrivenKeys are infinity on the FinRay “spread”
– Support local scaling on actionPath
– Locator in actionPath tools will have followPath default value
– Set up followPath default value on spineC module
– Add auto, sdk and offset node in the micro lip controls
– Add “squash” parameter for eyeSquetch control
– ActionPath tools support namespace with “_”
– Support mirorBehavior on muzzle module
– Fixed finRig bug for finRay000Fk finRay001Fk and finRay002Fk control
– edit parameters with autosave on/off fixed
– Tail module has an option asSkinLayer or asLimb.
– AsSkinLayer creates a skinLayer module
– AsLimb creates a limb for body structure
– Control Color export is supported (mel file)
– autorig yaml file “Load”, “AutoSave”, “Save” and “Save As..” function
– Load project needs to copy a yaml file in maya/#### folder

1.5.15 (click here to download)
– Support closed lids model to rig with lids module
– Support mirror rotation behavior on muzzleRig
– Add “PrimitiveFalloff” option on MayaCluster module
– MayaCluster module support “x” module side in the bindmesh skin
– Fixed for “twin” and “swap”

1.5.14 (click here to download)
– Add moduleSide info “_x_” on misc module to support Universal Layer Skin System
– Added “import sys” for eyelashSolution, miscellaneousSolution, muzzleSolution
– visibility switch process is executed before postScript in miscellaneousSolution

1.5.13  (click here to download)
– Add “Follow Mouth Orientation” option on lipsRig module
– Muzzle and Miscellaneous controls can be part of face control for visibility switch
– Add Spine C Type module
– “left” and “right” can be used for Tail module
– Add setControlShapeInfo in control module to be able to switch gizmo
– Neck “world/local” didn’t work with “world”: Fixed
– Generalize the muzzle module to be able to use in body
– Bug fix in Prop rig
– Bug fix in Misc module
– Add a
– Changed skinCluster name to have a side information <layer>_<x>_<geoName>SkinCluster (it was used to be layer_<geoName>SkinCluster) to be able to use a module to be flexible (muzzle, miscelaneous)
– Fixed a scaling problem for shoulder helper joints
– Add postPython script parameter in all modules
– In the spine module, bottom and top tweaker controls’ position is on the bottom/top spine position instead of hip/chest position
– In the lids module, the lids_l/r_ccc controls deform only lids area, not lidsRing and eyebag area.
– In the muzzle module, the muzzle02_m_ccc behaves like bow control.
– in the neck module, middle neck control oriented with the neck root control.

1.5.11 (click here to download)
– Load pivot and control_shape files on teeth and tongue module
– Create a skinCluster now with “useComponentTags” ON
– Removed “Extra Iris Geos” from Iris module (set the iris geos on “Extra Eye Geos” in FaceConfig module)
– Removed “Extra Pupil Geos” from Pupil module( set the pupil geos on “Extra Eye Geos” in FaceConfig module)
– Created iris and pupil cluster properly for extra eye geos
– Fixed squash rate on muzzleRig when the tip control is close to the middle control
– eyeBall module will load controls and pivot files
– eyeSquetch module will load control shape and pivot files
– eyeBall, eyeDirection and eyeSquetch are all in “eye” layer (No “eyeDirectoin” layer)
– Bug fix on exportDrivenKeys

1.5.1 (click here to download)
– Make misc modules in the facerig follow the bod rig when rigging body and face on the same geo
– Add “Mirror Behavior on TranslateY” on main, lips, lids layers
– Bug fix on muzzleRig

1.5.9  (click here to download)
– Fixed Copy Skin/Deformer Weights Errors(“Skin Weight Copy…”, “Deform Weight Copy…”)

– Universal Layered Module System(ULMS) for body/face/prop rig.
– Add “Not Following Layer List” on the module option to be able to be defined by users

1.5.7  (click here to download)
– Support group nodes in “Head Geometry” and “Extra Head Geometries” in Face – Config module
– Add “faceSkinObjects” as internal variables to make the face module generic to be ready to use the miscellaneous module as a general face module to inherit the layer deformation on its bindmesh.
– Support the Universal Module Layer System(beta version) for the FaceRig.

– Add unbindSkinTool to let user unbind skin and move bind joints
– higeSlider locators store initial position in armRig, legRig and handRig
– Support two blendShape nodes in the same geometry (in case the face and body rig the same geometry)
– Support namespace in animTools with custom name conventions
– Support locationNodes export/import for helper joints(hinge) in arm and leg module
– Add locationNodes mirroring
– Add unbind/rebind skin in “Rig->Unils” menu
– Fix default window size for flattenWeight and copyPSD tool

– Bug fix: it gave error the face rig when body has a psd(blendShape) from the bodyRig and the rigged geo is the same for body and face.
– EyeSquetch has counter scale to keep the pupil size the same when it is stretched.

1.5.4 (click here to download)
– Added non follow layer list on the miscellaneous module (brows, lips, lids and layerTwo were hardcoded before)
– But fix on the main controls’ shape load in bodyRig

1.5.3 (click here to download)
– Move to animLib from riglib
– PickerUI support custom name conventions
– Various animation tools support custom name conventions
– Bug fix on control shape loading on body rig

1.5.2 (click here to download)
– Get rid of rigType(bipedLeg) from the node name on Leg module (bipedLeg->leg)
– Add “Legacy Leg Name” option to keep the legacy name on the leg nodes (bipedLegSwitch_l_ccc, bipedLegAim_l_ccc, bendbow controls, etc…)
– Bug fix on DrivenKey export

1.5.1 (click here to download)
– Add “Clean DrivenKeys” in rig->Utils menu
– Fix floating blendWeighted nodes function in drivenKey
– More stable and reliable listDrivenKeys function ( drivenKey detection on a control node )
– Support old drivenKey export for facial rig

1.5.0 (click here to download)
– Bug fix on the master controls matrix connections
– Unified “pivot”, “drivenKey” and “control_shape” file name convention across the body, face and prop
– rigTask_limb_layer_side_fileFormat file name conventions
– Add MayaClusterCmd in miscellaneousRig which allows you to add a MayaCluster rig on any geometry
– Removed Maya2019 package from NowakeRigTools to follow Autodesk support versions

1.4.5 (click here to download)
– Bug fix on the propRig config module
– FaceControlVisibility failed when a tweak node is in the deformation chain(Maya2020, Maya2019)
– Avoid the same name in two nodes in EyeRig module when namingConvention module renaming the nodes.

1.4.4 (click here to download)
– Separate limb and rigType in the leg module (limb=leg, rigType=bipedLeg for bipedLeg rig)
– Fixed fk2ik and ik2fk switch bug. Now it support rigType
– Hide helper bind joints
– Remove duplicated names in lockJoint parameter in the lockJoint module
– bug fix in bendbow module
– Hand can build without thumb
– Fixed the bugs of fk2ik and ik2fk in animTools for TApose function
– PropRig is ready to use in NowakeRig Tools
– mainLayer rig support non-consistent name relation between transform and shape

1.4.3 (click here to download)
– Maya2024 Supported
– Add nwkPicker_face_char.default.yml in preset folder
– Remove unicode from nwkPicker_body_char.default.yml
– Support custom controlSuffix for anim tools (fk/ik switch, …)
– Removed redundant parent and scale constraints in combineRigSolution
– Fixed a bug in eyeProximityRig

1.4.2 (click here to download)
– Separated rigSolution.EyeProjectionCmd from EyeDirectionCmd
– Added rigSolution.EyeProximityCmd for proximity surface for iris/pupil
– RigType attribute store type of the rig: bipedLeg, quadrupedLeg, spineA, spineB, etc…
– Limb attribute store limb name: arm, leg, spine, etc…
– Fixed the tpose module for spine straighten when spine rig has non-world orient setting

1.4.1 (click here to download)
– Fixed the rotation problem in the right wrist when “Hand Controller Mirror Behavior” is “rotate/translate”
– Fixed toe bone misplacement bug in the “rotate/translate” foot control behavior mode
– Activate name convention module(post process) in autoRigPreset_char.default.yaml

1.4.0 (click here to download)
– Integrated C++ nowake tools into Python API. No skinWeightTools plug-ins needed.

– Keep the asset selection when new asset is loaded in NowakePickerUI
– avoid adding multi layerTwo skinClusters on the shoes geos.
– master_m_grp.faceRig works on the head geo which is rigged by both body and face
– Mirror Drivenkey supports “_L_” and “_R_” as left/right token

1.3.15 (click here to download)
– Fix the eye aim control problem when it rigs separate geo for body and face and combine them together.
– lowGeometry bug fix.
– It didn’t create default data when a new character is created with compiled version – fixed
– NowakeAnimPicker: Open more than one window – fixed
– Support non world orientation on the neckRig module

1.3.14 (click here to download) 
– bug fix on lidsRig: make sure that bindmesh skin with mainLayer only by eyeSocket after project mainLayer into bindmesh.
– Use offsetParentMatrix on the bindmesh geo in the combineRigSolution to have correct scaling when one or two axis are scaled on the head control