Windows (1.5.11)

Nowake Tools

Nowake Tools package for Windows OS
1.5.11 versionĀ 

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Nowake Tools – Windows OS version

1.5.11 version (CURRENT)
– Load pivot and control_shape files on teeth and tongue module
– Create a skinCluster now with “useComponentTags” ON
– Removed “Extra Iris Geos” from Iris module (set the iris geos on “Extra Eye Geos” in FaceConfig module)
– Removed “Extra Pupil Geos” from Pupil module( set the pupil geos on “Extra Eye Geos” in FaceConfig module)
– Created iris and pupil cluster properly for extra eye geos
– Fixed squash rate on muzzleRig when the tip control is close to the middle control
– eyeBall module will load controls and pivot files
– eyeSquetch module will load control shape and pivot files
– eyeBall, eyeDirection and eyeSquetch are all in “eye” layer (No “eyeDirectoin” layer)
– Bug fix on exportDrivenKeys