Windows (1.5.13)

Nowake Tools

Nowake Tools package for Windows OS
1.5.13 version

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Nowake Tools – Windows OS version

1.5.13 version (CURRENT)
– Add “Follow Mouth Orientation” option on lipsRig module
– Muzzle and Miscellaneous controls can be part of face control for visibility switch
– Add Spine C Type module
– “left” and “right” can be used for Tail module
– Add setControlShapeInfo in control module to be able to switch gizmo
– Neck “world/local” didn’t work with “world”: Fixed
– Generalize the muzzle module to be able to use in body
– Bug fix in Prop rig
– Bug fix in Misc module
– Add a
– Changed skinCluster name to have a side information <layer>_<x>_<geoName>SkinCluster (it was used to be layer_<geoName>SkinCluster) to be able to use a module to be flexible (muzzle, miscelaneous)
– Fixed a scaling problem for shoulder helper joints
– Add postPython script parameter in all modules
– In the spine module, bottom and top tweaker controls’ position is on the bottom/top spine position instead of hip/chest position
– In the lids module, the lids_l/r_ccc controls deform only lids area, not lidsRing and eyebag area.
– In the muzzle module, the muzzle02_m_ccc behaves like bow control.
– in the neck module, middle neck control oriented with the neck root control.