Windows (1.6.0)

Nowake Tools

Nowake Tools package for Windows OS
1.6.0 version

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Nowake Tools – Windows OS version

1.6.0 version (CURRENT)
– Added finRig and bendyRig modules in NowakeRig
– Added skinLocalization module in NowakeRig
– Fix spineC chest and hip scaling issue
– finRig support rotate/translate mirror behavior in IK mode
– Cup and Fold orientation is stable in handRig module
– Bug fix on Muzzle: Wrong parenting on the distance locators
– bug fix on lidsRig module
– Added controlOnTheEnd option on the tail module
– Fixed the lids module bug
– muzzle controls with scaling.
– Tail has powerValue for control distributions
– Fix scaling issue on Tail module
– taiRig module: fix a bug with “asLimbs” options. Tail follows the upper limb(hip)
– Neck module: neckOffset scale connect to neckNull
– Neck module: headOffset scale connect to headNull
– Update actionPathTools: Controls are oriented along the curve
– Fixed the bug on muzzleRig module: twisting problem with upper layer skin
– Support alembic cache export with localize skinCluster
– lidsRig: change matrix for lids driver aimConstraint to be stable for lid rig with closed eye model
– Config- new menu and load project – fixed
– Add ikControl scaling function on spineC module
– Fk Scaling on tailRig module
– PreBind node name convention: description+”PreBind”+primaryVersion+secondaryVersion+side+”pivot”
– Add “bindmesh size” for muzzle and tail module
– Muzzle module is a skinLayer compatible module
– TailRig module has better fk bending deformation
– Fix “Counter” Iris control behavior
– Fix eyeRig for inverse scale on pupil
– TailRig module update: Proper deformation in layered skinClusters
– TailRig module improve: Smooth fk rotation
– Change parameter name on pupil module: iris Type -> eyeBall Type
– Support pivot rotation on the new pupil module
– Iris/Pupil rig module to support separated iris/pupil geos
– Fixed: Flipping issue with narrow circle in actionPath
– Fixed: Flipping issue with actionPathOffset controls
– Maximum control number is 1000 from 200 for actionPath
– Add BodySkinLocalization module for localize the skinWeight to avoid wobbling geometries in far distance from the origin
– Updated: eyeRig module to support spherical eyeball and flat iris/pupil
– Add pupil TransX and TransY controls
– Fixed: mirrorClusterTools to mirror weights between seperated geos
– Fixed animatablePivot (follow the control)
– Add “bend” and “tweakerVisibility” on tail module
– DrivenKeys are infinity on the FinRay “spread”
– Support local scaling on actionPath
– Locator in actionPath tools will have followPath default value
– Set up followPath default value on spineC module
– Add auto, sdk and offset node in the micro lip controls
– Add “squash” parameter for eyeSquetch control
– ActionPath tools support namespace with “_”
– Support mirorBehavior on muzzle module
– Fixed finRig bug for finRay000Fk finRay001Fk and finRay002Fk control
– edit parameters with autosave on/off fixed
– Tail module has an option asSkinLayer or asLimb.
– AsSkinLayer creates a skinLayer module
– AsLimb creates a limb for body structure
– Control Color export is supported (mel file)
– autorig yaml file “Load”, “AutoSave”, “Save” and “Save As..” function
– Load project needs to copy a yaml file in maya/#### folder